The Neighborhood

Located in Lakewood Ohio, the Lakewood Edgewater Neighborhood stretches from Nicholson Avenue to Belle Avenue and is bordered by the southern side of Lake Avenue and Lake Erie to the North. It therefore includes Parkside Drive, Homewood Drive, Wilbert Drive, Cliff Drive, Nicholson Avenue, Estill, Kirtland Lane, Edgewater Lane, Roy Drive, the portion of Edgewater Drive between Parkside Avenue and Nicholson Avenue and Lake Avenue between Belle and Nicholson Avenue.

The Association

The purpose behind our neighborhood association is to come together as one Identity and increase Communication, Social Interaction and Long Term Planning within our borders. Through this website, our quarterly Newsletter, Directory, Block Watch and Social Events, we can communicate with each other regarding issues such as safety concerns, development in our neighborhood, milestones in our lives and so much more. Social Interaction will be promoted through quarterly scheduled functions. Identity shall be achieved by coming together as one group under one name. With the social interaction and the multiple means of communication, we can be informed and form opinions on long range goals and proposed developments. Together, we share a bond that is essential any day and age - community. Participation is voluntary and open to all neighbors.

Mission Statement

 •  To promote the general welfare of the Neighborhood;
 •  To encourage social functions among members of the Neighborhood;
 •  To establish and maintain an open line of communication and liaison among the Neighborhood, government agencies and other neighborhoods;
 •  To promote safety in the Neighborhood;
 •  To give special attention to public improvements and all that is related to the betterment of the Neighborhood and the convenience and comfort of the residents;
 •  To promote beautification of the Neighborhood;
 •  and doing any and all things necessary and incident thereto.